CrimeDex��is an online service network dedicated to stopping crime in its many forms - including fraud, shoplifting, auto theft, organized retail theft, and other crimes. Over 15,000 members from law enforcement agencies, banks, and retailers use the CrimeDex platform to share information and collaborate to reduce crime and fraud in their communities. CrimeDex provides a searchable database containing thousands of profiles of known and suspected criminals as well as timely alerts relating to local, regional, and national crimes.

The CrimeDex�� network was created as a service of Amcrin, a company co-founded in 2000 by Jim Hudson and Jon Stanford. Hudson, a 23-year law enforcement veteran, wanted to provide a better way to share case-critical information among the financial, retail, telecommunications, insurance, and law enforcement sectors. Stanford, a professional IT manager designed the technology to make that possible. CrimeDex helps to reduce duplicated investigations, wasted time and resources, and unsolved cases.

In 2007, Amcrin and the CrimeDex service became part of 3VR, enabling direct collaboration across 3VR's video intelligence solutions.

In 2018 3VR was acquired by Identiv. Jim Hudson started a new company, CWKK Corp, to take back ownership and operations of CrimeDex. 3VR and Identiv remain partners with CWKK CrimeDex today.

Jim “Gator” Hudson


Wishing to improve the collaboration among the law enforcement, financial, retail, insurance, and telecommunications sectors, Jim co-founded the Amcrin Corporation in 2000 to create the CrimeDex network. Nicknamed "Gator" by his first police chief, Jim is a 23-year law enforcement veteran and nationally recognized white-collar crime expert. Jim is a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), the California Financial Crimes Investigators Association (CFCIA), and other professional associations. He has been awarded the Portland Police Bureau Medal of Valor, the Oregon Peace Officers Association Medal of Honor, the International Narcotics Officers Association Medal for Valor and the Purple Heart.