CrimeDex Services

CrimeDex is an online network leveraged by thousands of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals collaborating to prevent fraud, shoplifting, Organized Retail Crime (ORC), and other white collar crimes. CrimeDex allows professionals to share, search, and leverage relevant information on criminals between businesses and law enforcement.

CrimeDex members can:

  • Solve cases faster with access to information on over 15,000 crimes and suspects nationwide.
  • Broadcast information on wanted criminals to groups large or small.
  • Link criminals to more than one open case using powerful search and watchlist capabilities.
  • Collaborate more effectively between the private and public sectors.
  • Share video and images with other CrimeDex members to maximize the utility of our platform.

Key Features:

  • CrimeDex members can leverage the power of social networks by creating private portals for a particular organization, metro area, industry, or other area of interest
  • Users can create member groups, share relevant information, distribute group email alerts, and interact via their own portal.
  • Watchlists notify members when data that matches a wanted fraudster is entered into CrimeDex.
  • Incident-based reporting for multiple crime types makes CrimeDex a fit for banks, retailers, property managers, and more